Emeric Glayse

I'm not a photographer, but... sometimes, I take some pictures. Black and white ones. Diary ones. Cellphone camera ones. Turn down the lens to the ones who take pictures. The ones with who I work, the photographers. Here is a photograph of Lina Scheynius, one of the most amazing young photographer of now. Someone who give one of the most beautiful image of the world and who turn her back on it. Just right now, for one second.

Dimitri Karakostas

Some days there is nothing better to do than just lay down and smoke cigarettes and watch terrible movies: Mean Girls, the Devil Wears Prada, etc. When you live 3 hours away, laying down feels pretty decent.

Jess Gough

Boom Festival was probably one of the best and most beautifully psychedelic weeks of my life, full of moments like this. As the sun set all you could see were stark silhouettes and elongated shadows in your path. This is my friend Julia - we were heading to a stage where they played reggae while the sun shone it's last light. Everyone was so happy to be there.

THANK YOU JESS GOUGH (2nd time!). #